How do I decide on the right rehab?

Choosing a rehab facility for you or your loved ones is no easy task. During rehab, you are going to be handing yourself over to a team of medically supervised strangers. During this time, you will be sick, vulnerable, and probably suffering from some symptoms of mental distress.

This can be a scary time, and it’s natural for somebody to want to make sure that they choose the proper rehab that program. If you don't choose a good program, you run the risk of not only failing to recover from your addiction, but developing even worse mental or physical ailments as a result of improper treatment. This is not common, but it serves as a reminder that it's important to do your background research before applying to a rehab facility.

But how can you decide whether or not a rehab program is suitable? There are a lot of things that you will want to consider before applying for a rehab program.

What is offered at the program?

A good rehab facility will acknowledge that no two addictions are the same. Knowing this, they will also know that no two addiction treatments will be the same. Rehab facilities that do not acknowledge this often try to treat all addictions using the same methods. This is a highly ineffective way of managing addiction.

Even the most basic rehab facility needs to have some form of counseling and therapy. These are the backbone of rehabilitation programs, as they are the programs that will teach the addict how to develop healthier coping mechanisms and how to unlearn behaviors that continue to lead them to addiction.

Some rehab facilities will offer alternative treatments. These are most often holistic or new-age treatment facilities, though more and more facilities are becoming open-minded and beginning to offer alternative treatments alongside their regular methods.

These facilities make use of treatments that may not be backed by as much evidence as the more traditional methods, like the 12-step program.. The best holistic, alternative rehab facilities will offer a combination of evidence based, traditional treatment methods, and new, promising methods of treating addiction.

If the facility you are looking at has a wide variety of counseling, therapy, and other programs intended to help rehabilitate patients, this is a good sign the you are on the right track to finding a good program.

Where is the rehab facility located? Is it in the same city, the same county, or even the same state? Sometimes, it can be worth it to look for a rehab program that is outside of your area.

If a rehab in a neighboring city offers the same treatment at a fraction of the price of a local rehab, and transportation fees to get there and back are less than the difference, it would be worth your time to register at the more distant program.

Some people even fly out of country to go to prestigious rehab programs that have been well-reviewed. In addition, attending a rehab program in a different country means that you are going to be treated with different medical rules. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, and can open up a new opportunities for treatment that might not be available in your home country.

Not everybody who was going to rehab needs to have a medically supervised detox. However, if you are struggling with a very serious drug dependency and you are going to have to deal with withdrawal symptoms before you can actually manage to attend courses and therapy, you might want to medically supervised detox.

A medically supervised detox is a program that is generally 3, 5, or 7 days long that allows addicts to a manage their withdrawal symptoms with the assistance of a team of medically supervised staff. They will give you medication and make you as comfortable as possible while you cope with your withdrawal.

Not all rehab facilities offer a medically supervised detox. If there is a facility that you are interested in that does not offer a detox program, you might be able to get your detox done at a different facility and return to the other one for your actual treatment.

One of the most important things that you can do when trying to find a rehab facility is to research the facilities online snd see what other people have to say about them. People who have attended treatment programs like to make their voices heard so others can be sure about the quality of the experiences offered at the rehab facility.

If you are considering a facility that has no reviews online, this is not a good sign. While it is true that some new facilities may not have had a chance to develop an online standing, if the facility has been around for a while, this might suggest that there is something going on behind the scenes that they don't want you to know about.

Conversely, if you find a rehab facility that is backed by lots of third party reviews from patients that have attended the program and their families, you can be sure that you are looking at a reliable, trusted program.

In conclusion
Choosing a rehab facility can be a bit of a process. You are putting a lot on the line, and you want to ensure that the health and safety of you or your loved ones are looked after properly.

As long as you are able to do some research and figure out the quality of care available at the facility, you should be able to rest assured that you are putting yourself in good hands. Make sure the program has the things that you need and can deliver them in a way that is suitable for you.

Looking at the reviews of other people who have attended the facility is one of the most reliable ways to get feedback about the quality of treatment.