Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a global fellowship and non-profit society or men and women for whom narcotics and drugs had become their major problem. As a community-based organization, Narcotics Anonymous is specially designed to help recovering drug addicts beat their addiction, face their problem and overcome their compulsion and cravings, whilst, lead them to more productive and better quality of life. The organization uses a traditional 12 Step Programs to help these individuals overcome their problems, as well as to help them suppress and control their addiction.

As of 2014, NA has held more than 63,000 meetings around 132 country all over the globe making it the second

largest non-profit organization dedicated for people with various drug abuse issues. This 12 Step Programs that is provided by NA meets to discuss the mechanics of addiction, how to keep it from recurring, as well as guiding them on how to better control their addiction and have a better way of living. The third tradition of Narcotics Anonymous is states that the only requirement for the membership is the desire of the individual to stop their habit.

NA knows that being sober and clean is tough, and these meetings are regular intervals designed to form an effective mechanism of support for the recovery and transformation of those people who have a drug abuse issue. The meeting does not only provide peer support in the group atmosphere, but it also offers an ongoing support network for those addicts who wish to maintain and pursue a lifestyle that is drug-free. The name Narcotics Anonymous isnt only giving focus on any drug, but it also makes no distinction in substance and alcoholic abuse. The membership is free and doesn't have any affiliation with any organization outside NA including law enforcement group, religions and governments, psychiatric and medical association. In short, NA is solely an independent organization working on its own.

Narcotics Anonymous do not only aid addicts to overcome their challenges, but they also support the society to rise within the context that can exert prolonged and profound effects on its function. The meeting provided by NA forms an environment for developing support network, friendship and reinforcement for healthier pursuits. There is a deep understanding between members of their daily struggle across the recovery stages, thus, offering individual support and assistance among members. The fellowship of NA does not promote itself, rather, it attracts new members through outreach and public information. Members can as well be compelled to take rehab or courts programs.

Although NA groups doesn't works independently and has not rendered affiliation to other organization, individual members may carry NA message to institutions and hospitals, including treatment centers and jails. Meetings are held in different places such as community centers, church meeting rooms, hospitals, libraries, and other places where they can share and interact with others. Through constant cooperation and hands on service, NA strives to offer every addict in the world the opportunity to have a better life and experience in recovery.